Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Sonnets On The Theme
"Song-Like Words"

Willing You To Me!

If I don’t win you, a catastrophe.
You being with me, must be destiny.
Want to fulfil it with alacrity.
So much easier, if you would agree.

We could have so much that is sweet music.
Your commitment, I would not abuse it.
Our two lives brought together. A true fit.
Please, please. My request, please don’t refuse it.

I can see that we have the potential.
Don’t disregard it and drive me mental.
If start it right, so much consequential.
In my future plans, you are essential.

Song; to try to win you over to me.
If goes wrong, would be a catastrophe.


A little honey is the sweetest thing.
Sensation to the taste buds it will bring.
Its heavenly nature delivering.
So superb, it’s difficult describing.

A little jam is pretty good as well.
The fruit flavours, with the sugar, excel.
The fulsomeness of taste, more than can tell.
Through the lips, it’s like a magical spell.

A little chocolate can be sweet too.
Cocoa, with the sweetness, discernible.
It’s mouth-filling creaminess coming through.
Its popularity, incredible.

But the sweetest thing I know to be true
is the taste of love that I share with you.


Come together in a hurry. Impact.
Not the death of me. On the contrary.
But there is no way now of going back.
You and me. Impact. Felt it intensely.

A collision of hearts in flight. Impact.
But don’t need rescuing or picking up.
Have landed somewhere new, but am in tact
From the Impact, my love life picking up.

Crash that’s been waiting to happen. Impact.
Debris, of loveless travel, obsolete.
Head on with you, realised what I lacked.
That …, pre Impact …, do not want to repeat.

My Impact with you as you stood your ground
led to an immaculate new love found.

It’s not too late to make up.

It is not too late for us to make up.
We can get over our disaffection.
Does not mean inevitable break-up.
Don’t have to travel in that direction.

It’s not too late to repair the damage.
This discord is not insurmountable.
Doesn’t have to be a pile of wreckage.
Can manage. We’re not incompatible.

On the contrary, we are generous.
We have a great deal to give each other.
Loving and caring, that’s all about us.
Say it straight, “I want to stay your lover”.

Sorry, that in this dispute we got stuck,
but it’s not too late for us to make up.


It is not so outrageous to love you,
or, even, recklessly to say I do.
A little bit crazy. That must be true,
as I’m insanely desirous of you.

An outrage if it’s not acceptable.
Although, may be, not good enough for you,
as you’re exceptionally beautiful.
My falling in love inevitable.

It’s like I’m wearing an outsize outfit,
and clowning around twanging my braces.
A big red nose, and having too much lip.
Falling over in all the wrong places.

But whatever is thought, I’m courageous.
Will say “I love you” ‘though it’s audacious.

Yeah Yeah.

I ask you, is it wonderful? Yeah, Yeah.
And did you find it magical? Yeah, Yeah.
I think it is incredible, yeah, yeah.
that it has been attainable. Yeah, Yeah.

It could be called a miracle, oh Yeah.
Simply put, it’s delectable. Yeah, Yeah.
Joyful, but not hysterical, oh yeah
that you find me acceptable. Yeah, Yeah.

It seems to me phenomenal. Yeah, Yeah.
I’d say, fantasmagorical. Oh Yeah.
Without you, intolerable. Yeah, Yeah.
You Great? Answer rhetorical. Yeah, Yeah.

A victory of love over despair.
How marvellous it is with you. Yeah, Yeah.


At the bitter end of the universe,
that’s where I expect to meet you again.
After all of the stars have cried and burst.
At the final frontier of greatest pain.

Both of us being on the same planet
became a cause for torment, tremendous.
Worlds apart, and the hurt would still span it.
Grievance, along with our independence.

The currents of bitterness continue,
filling the earth with the most toxic air.
And to space too, the noxious residue,
poisoning all about which do most care.

Love’s atoms split. Explosion horrendous.
Last place left, the end of the universe.

Not a Man You Would Want.

I am not a man you would want to love.
There would be too little in it for you.
Probably think what I give, not enough.
And, what can I say, possibly be true.

You would not like my slumbers and stupor.
Would call it what it may be, laziness.
Hardly a great lover, a seducer.
Very swiftly, I suspect, fall from grace.

Just have my dog who is a great comfort.
She is a splendid lover, and plaything.
Although, for what you want, not the right sort.
There’s always with me, though, imagining.

Could make the effort and be conducive.
But what want from me, likely, elusive.

Death in Custody.

Death in custody of a broken heart.
Deathly silence where were cries of despair
What thought best together taken apart.
No place where can be alive, and still share.

Absolutely impossible to mend.
Beyond any reasonable repair.
Yet, upon it for real Love do depend.
Had to be placed in emergency care.

What I had to endure was critical,
but succumbed as if hit by hammer blows.
Sadly, it became all too typical.
Couldn’t wake up from being comatose.

Thought that two hearts in my custody, sweet,
before my one broke. The arrest complete.

We’ll Make It.

As the volcano spits its burning rock,
if you’re there, I will rush to rescue you.
Were every way to get out, be blocked,
my best, over hot coals, would carry you.

As the earthquake starts its awful spasm,
I would rush to be beside, rescuing.
Take your hand, as opens up the chasm,
and leap across like know what I’m doing.

When the tsunami comes, unrelenting,
I would start to row to be where you are.
When there, my plan I’d be implementing.
To the highest rooftop, we would retire.

Because I want you to feel safe with me.
Know we’ll make it, ‘though it may sound silly.

‘Deep’ Metaphor.

It is as deep as the Pacific trench,
or crevice to the centre of the earth.
A billionaire’s pocket for expense.
The cut that’s deepest, said to be the first.

My love for you, as deep as it can get.
A bottomless pit filled with emotion.
Drilled Well of bubbling joy which I expect,
spurting up, puts us down on Love’s Ocean.

It’s deep alright. As deep as a coal mine.
Will heat you up with a really good fire.
Or diving to a coral reef divine
Glorious colours there match my desire.

My feelings for you are that deep, my love.
From down below, bring them to you, above.