Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Sonnets On The Theme
"Death & Dying"

Describing Death.

My world collapses. The world collapses
into unfathomable black nothing.
So simple, it defies analysis.
It is what nought is. It is not one thing.

All that is left of me is left behind.
All that is left of the world, left there too.
Crumbled, everything to which inclined.
I, imagine, that just dust, me and you.

Nonsensical, but it is what it is.
Nondescript, the state of nonentity.
All sense of what’s around me, simply gives …
Nought. To nought, the only propensity.

No time. No end of no time. My time gone.
The world not there. A bubble all along.

Ridiculous to Die.

It is ridiculous to die; be dead.
What, then, will all this living have been for?
Down to zero when all been done and said.
The presence of me never to restore.

There’s little to show for being around.
Will be dissipated. Not much to share
Or what was me to be joyfully found.
Tranquil absence. Not even feel that there.

Absurdity, ended the way it is.
That count for nothing. An obsolete form.
Simply be forgotten testimonies.
And me, in this mode, never to re-form.

Waste of experience and what I know.
Loves’ of existence, no more. My ones go.

To An Ending.

Everybody is vulnerable.
Everyone carries with them frailty.
Hope life not be made intolerable
by ill-effect in its entirety.

Suffering could be considerable.
A body almost overcome with pain.
A mind think ‘not worth it to live at all’.
By the loss of it, surprisingly gain.

A rigidity in expectation.
A religious and social overlay.
Not available, alleviation.
Price of them so high, can’t afford to pay.

A crack that increases to the whole frame
causing truly unacceptable strain.


Have described my feelings as best I can
to inevitability of death.
The horror, absence, and all I can't stand.
To say more about it, what more is left?

Disappearance, to me, of all that means
anything. The shock a physical one.
A nightmare ending all possible dreams
Pain that's inimical. No way to shun.

A role that has no place in existence.
Existence not actual if recalled.
That, less and less likely. No resistance.
Forgotten; yet still to nowhere installed.

"Calm" I said. "Absolutely" the reply.
About context. This one after I die.

The ‘Passing’.

What more about death? You have to live it!
Everyone. No one is excluded.
Life gone wrong? At that point can forgive it,
as unforgiving force has intruded.

To endure; the near-death experience.
Who knows the fears, then, that will come to mind.
Pray that from this expected, variance.
Can somehow reach a state of mind, resigned.

Letting go of all the trappings of life
until there’s only ‘am’ to relinquish.
That, then, like a taut rope cut with a knife.
Go slack as, finally, ‘I think’ finish.

It’s what I expect the passing to be,
as I think of it now, for you and me.

Thinking Done.

One minute thinking; the next, all turned off.
After, of course, the moment of crisis.
Very little time to think that all lost.
Instantaneous, the paralysis.

That doesn’t exclude prior suffering.
Just, that part of the process at its end.
From there, to the absolute, entering.
Whatever believed, don’t think will extend.

And after? After all is said and done.
Nothing to report. All reporting done.
Sadness left behind, unless here no-one.
No connection with what has been, begun.

And, what is? “I don’t think therefore I’m not”
Any bit of everything, forgot.


Pain, of course. That is what is expected.
But, with luck, drugs to mitigate and mute.
Nullify the area affected.
Although still there, and felt, as most acute.

And then the drowsy, near comatose, state.
For knowing what’s happening, not that great.
Dozy and dreamy. At best enervate.
For clarity, control, though, it’s too late.

But, too, overwhelming, is the weakness.
The dissipation of strength thought inate.
Disguised feebly, would seem as if at rest.
No energy with which to operate.

Weakness, impossible to misconstrue.
The physical ending that going through.


Isolated, the human condition.
In the face of my death, I am alone.
Here, this statement warrants a revision.
All living beings, then, are on their own

It need not be a lonely existence,
but throughout is very individual.
Time continuing on with insistence
renders past concerns immaterial.

But not this one about the point of doom,
because  it may happen any moment,
and will as a fact;  for doubting, no room.
A solo role as the major event.

Communication, an add on, alive,
and may help through. But it’s me, takes the ride.

Some Extra May Endure.

A sickness feeling most nauseating.
Almost like death throes, in which may throw up.
Effect of poisoning, imitating
What seemed as settled, suddenly corrupt.

A giddy spell, spinning out of control.
Seen films with this chaotic illusion.
Lines and shapes and colours’ optical roll
‘til unfocussed collapse, with confusion.

A coming over cold, which can’t escape.
The central heating going down and down
Blankets on, but not enough for warmth sake.
Shiver and shiver within freezing’s gown.

Extra which may face when come to dying.
Will be death rattle. Before then, sighing.

It’s Just the Universe.

“It’s just the universe doing its stuff”.
It’s nature’s way of living and dying.
Extinguishing life when deemed it’s enough.
The law of impermanence applying.

There are births, new lives, loves, to rejoice in.
How can anything be said against that.
Difference, … non absolute, … enabling.
Change, so that what comes after, not exact.

Necessity, ability to change.
Importantly, by what has been learnt too.
It’s why what’s existing is rearranged.
Not be from choice, so inevitable.

So, have to go when one’s own time is up.
“It’s just the universe doing its stuff.”

Inevitable Death.

I cannot do anything about it.
It will happen. It’s inevitable.
I cannot in the slightest way doubt it.
How I feel about it? …, ‘it’s terrible’.

A factor that’s impossible to change.
A fear factor, that is; that can’t avoid.
An absolute that cannot rearrange.
Out with the light. Everything destroyed.

Most specifically, when it’s my turn.
The passing out parade’s consequences.
Fully fledged nothing at all. Time to burn.
Loss of all my sentience, and senses.

I’m supposed to accept it. Live with it.
‘Elsewhere’ mind and ‘not yet’ allay panic.