Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Sonnet Triptych

To Calmly Go.

To calmly go into oblivion
as though it is just another next day.
Madness, to expect to just carry on
without a body to get in the way.

Strange thought; but then it’s unavoidable.
Will succumb. Know it’s inevitable.
As sane, I find it undesirable.
Being beyond, unintelligible.

Mind, spirit, soul, given myth pretensions.
My essence, somehow, stays in existence.
Alas, there’s no permanent prevention,
and, at the end, it’s futile, resistance.

Then, will be gone completely. Nothing last.
Nothing welcome about it. The die cast.

Do I Possess …?

Do I possess the capability
to use well remaining years of my life?
Not impose upon them, sterility
Or unnecessary, unfruitful, strife.

Do I possess the imagination
to enjoy a creative existence?
Even good sense when in contemplation.
Able to complete with strong persistence.

Do I possess, too, the intelligence
to know what’s going on as affects me?
Aware it subject to impermanence,
but stay awhile whilst fulfil destiny.

Do I possess the qualities needed
to be loving, caring, and be heeded?

Unwinnable With.

Very much in decline; an also ran.
My limbs won’t allow me to go faster.
Can’t even achieve a ‘flash in the pan’.
Am behind, and no speed can I muster.

What if it is, I’m unwinnable with?
Even amongst the lowest grade platers.
Can only now plod along. Please forgive.
Doesn’t help to explain this way, nature’s.

Could be turned into glue, or something else,
these bones, which in their prime, ran with the best.
Now get stuck as if glued within myself.
Unlikely a course in my interest.

Only hope, I suppose, put out to grass.
But it is a sad end coming in last.