Todmorden Sonnets Edition 3

Introductory Efforts

All of Me?

I am, by no means, fully understood.
But then, who is, including to themselves.
For the whole picture, surveillance no good.
And money, … a narrow view of one’s wealth.

My communications will yield something,
but will not include all I say or write.
Certainly not the many things I think.
Or, unconscious, waiting to see the light.

Who could know all of my influences?
How I react to a situation?
Unpredictable, the circumstances.
And, I may have times of innovation.

Understanding more of myself is wise,
for there is more to me than meets the eyes.


It is a test of endurance alright.
It takes some stamina to see it through.
Reaching the objective is a bit tight.
Will take real determination to do

Effort made of a long-distance runner.
Putting best feet forward, stride after stride.
Reserves one has, hopefully, discover.
Taking all that have along for the ride.

Or the woman who is nine months and due.
Belly as though with sack of potatoes.
Expecting what’s there to be coming through.
The understanding that what there is, grows.

Changes, of course, from when was at the start.
But can make it sure, if stay in good heart.